E-Tolling – The Basics for Rental Cars

In many areas of the USA, electronic tolling, or e-tolling, is becoming mandatory on toll roads. Rental cars can use e-tolling, here we tell you how and show you the approximate costs. 

New! – Visitor Toll Pass – Orlando/Orlando

The Central Florida Expressway Authority is piloting a new automated toll payment solution for visitors travelling to Florida and renting a car from the Orlando International Airport (before the end of July 2020) called Visitor Toll Pass™.  You must be collecting and returning your car to Orlando International Airport. The pass covers all toll roads in Florida. You can save as much as 80% compared to rental car toll programs, plus an additional 23% on tolls. Find Out More

E-Tolling using Toll-By-Plate

Alamo and National have signed up to ‘Toll-by-Plate’. This simple system will take a photo of your number plate as you travel through the e-toll lane. Different areas have different systems to administer e-tolls, such as Sun Pass (Florida) FasTrak (California) or EZ Pass (the North-East). The systems match your number plate to your reservation and bills your card.

E-Tolling using a Transponder

Avis, Budget, Dollar and Thrifty and Hertz rental cars carry an transponder device on or near the wind-shield to communicate directly with the e-toll. Your credit card is billed directly. This is fine if you are happy to use the system – but – if you don’t want to use the system and want to pay all your tolls by cash (or use your own portable transponder) then you must ensure that you turn off the rental company’s transponder. Transponder covers in rental cars mean turning the transponder off is really easy.  The cover is attached to the wind-shield with hook and loop, so can also be removed and stored in the glove compartment for a ‘belt and braces’ approach.

Charges for E-Tolling in Rental Cars

Tolls take a few days to reach your account so you may continue to be billed after return of the car, but that is normal.  There is an administration charge for this facility and this does vary according to which supplier you have chosen. These are the current rates in Florida, other states may vary:

  • Alamo/National – $19.75 per rental month, or $3.95 per usage day, plus your tolls. Opt in when used for first time
  • Budget/Avis – $19.75 per rental month, or $3.95 per rental day, plus your tolls. Opt in when used for first time
  • Dollar/Thrifty – Must opt in or out at start of rental Dollar Plate Pass Info /Thrifty Plate Pass Info
    • (Florida) – $52.49 per rental week or $10.95 per rental day, includes your tolls.
    • (Denver E470) – $62.49 per rental week or $12.49 per rental day, includes your tolls.
    • (Golden Gate Bridge) – $59.99 per rental week or $11.99 per rental day, includes your tolls.
  • Hertz – $4.95 per rental day, plus your tolls. Opt in when used for first time

Please remember that local taxes and fees apply to all transactions. The daily rate only applies to rentals of less than 5 days, rentals of a longer duration will have the weekly, or rental month fee charged as applicable above. You cannot pick and choose which days you use tolls and pay only a daily rate for those days.

Can I still pay with cash?

You don’t have to use E-tolling in areas where it it is not yet mandatory – you can still pay by cash. But, if you have been through an E-toll once and activated the facility to your rental, then you will still have to pay the facility charge plus that toll even if you pay by cash for all the others. When you pay with cash, please obtain a receipt as proof of payment. Also ensure you switch your transponder off. Transponders can trigger the toll before you pull up to pay by cash.

If you use cash to pay for tolls, obtain a receipt to keep in case of disputes later!

Location Specific Information

To read more about specific locations please follow the appropriate link below:

  • The SunPass system in Florida please see this page.
  • Denver E470 System please see this page
  • Specific instructions for rental cars using the Golden Gate Bridge please see this page.
  • FasTrak in California please see this page.
  • Toronto in Canada is also a Cashless Toll Highway area.

E-tolling lets you drive to your destination the easiest way, without constantly slowing down to pay tolls.  However, it is worth noting that not all e-toll systems are compatible. For instance the SunPass system in Florida is currently only compatible with North Carolina’s Quick Pass System.  Although further ‘interoperability’ with other states is being worked upon, as yet the systems are not compatible.  If you are considering a road-trip through many states but want to be able to use toll roads be sure to discuss usage with your supplier when you collect the car.

Prices last updated: 16 May 2018

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