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Toyota Sienna 8 Seat People Carrier for Car Hire

People Carrier with 8 Seats

The 8 Seat people carrier offered by Alamo is the only remaining people carrier for this number of people. Alamo has the Toyota Sienna exclusively (certainly at Orlando), and on our trip to the Alamo garage at Orlando this year, we took a few photos of the interior of this lovely car.  We have had one ourselves previously and we found it both cavernous and a joy to drive, but then there are only 4 in our party!  It is a great vehicle for swallowing up suitcases, shopping or even pieces of furniture for visiting home-owners undertaking a little refurbishment. Continue reading

US Car Hire 7 Seat People Carrier

In this article we examine the Minivan 7 Seat People carrier as a hire car, so that you can see if this car will suit you and your party best for your holiday in the USA.  The people carriers are extremely popular in holiday destinations, most particularly Orlando – where sometimes every car that you can see at a traffic light is a people carrier of one description or another! This is of course, due to their versatility and capacious luggage space. Continue reading

Do I need a Full Size hire car in the USA?

For a family with large teenagers, or party of 5 adults, the Full size category of cars is probably the smallest category that you would want to consider. Luggage room is reasonable, but not necessarily generous so if everyone is planning on taking a suitcase then Premium or even Luxury will be more appropriate! In April 2013 we visited Orlando International Airport to have a look at the Alamo fleet in the B-side garage.  The fleet is the same for both the A and B terminal of course, but makes and models vary through the day as cars are returned, cleaned and hired again.  As before, we noted the makes and models available whilst we were there, and took a photo to illustrate the available boot space. Continue reading

Compact Car Hire in the USA

Compact Car Hire

Compact cars are one size up from the smallest category – the economy car. The compact category can seat 5, although it would be a bit of a squeeze if you were intending to do much touring around.  Whilst in Florida in April 2013 we went to see the Alamo fleet at Orlando International Airport to see what makes and models are included within this category and to take a snapshot or two of the boot space, which we hope will help you visualise the room available for your luggage.

Continue reading

SUV Car Hire in the USA

Hiring an SUV in America.

Sport Utility Vehicles or SUV’s are exceptionally popular as hire cars in the USA.  The variety of the SUV’s available is much wider than a few years ago where the standard offering was a Jeep Cherokee.  We can now offer as many as five different SUV categories for hire in the US and the differences can be both subtle and confusing, so here we try to clarify what is available – and where they may be available. Continue reading

Compact Car Hire

Compact Car Hire.

A small family or group can happily hire a compact car in the USA as long as they are not carrying too much luggage!  If your fellow travellers tend to take a full outfit for everyday of their holiday, complete with a different pair of shoes and matching accessories, then this is probably not the car for you.  But with much more focus these days on travelling light, with just hand luggage or capsule wardrobes,  seasoned travellers will be quite happy in this most useful of categories of car hire.  The compact cars may not be of the highest specifications (lets be honest, which company isn’t trying to trim the bottom line these days), but they are roomy enough for four adults who travel light. Continue reading

Economy Car Hire

Economy Car Hire in the USA.

The Economy car is the smallest category of the fleet for car hire in the USA.  Often, for European car hire there is a smaller category still, called the Mini category, but for the US and Canada, Economy is as small as they go.

There is a view held by some renters that the suppliers do not, in fact, have many economy cars, and that if you book one, you are likely to actually receive a larger car. This approach is only worth trying if there is only a couple of you anyway, and you will not mind if you actually receive an economy car!  If you really are depending on receiving a Compact or something larger, then you must book that category, because otherwise, the desk clerks will be rubbing their hands together in glee at the prospect of the commission on your locally paid upgrade.  Seasoned travellers will be well aware that the cost for an upgrade appears to be completely dependent on your need for it.  The more you need it, the more it will cost! Continue reading

Intermediate Car Hire

Intermediate Car Hire

When you are planning a holiday that involves any amount of driving it is very important to get the size of car right for the size of your party, and the various members within that party. In the US car hire world, the Intermediate category is also known as a Mid-size, and it is probably the second most popular of the various car categories. I would say that the Economy car is the one we see most bookings for when talking in terms of cars rather than people carriers or Sports Utility Vehicles – SUV’s. Continue reading

Should I hire an Intermediate SUV?

The Intermediate Sports Utility Vehicle, known as the Intermediate SUV is a reasonably recent addition to car hire fleets (within the last 7 years) and has fast become really popular.  The category name may seem a little confusing because this SUV is in fact the smallest SUV category available for hire – but the Intermediate refers to its approximate capacity rather than where it sits in a ranking scale.  The room within an Intermediate SUV is about comparable to the room available within an Intermediate category car.  There is also a Standard SUV, the original Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good example of this group, and a Premium/luxury SUV which will seat either 7 or 8 depending on the model. Continue reading

Minivan 7 Seater versus 7 Seat SUV’s

Comparison of People Carrier versus 7 seat SUV.

The minivan 7-seater, or people carrier, is one of our most versatile vehicles for car hire in the USA.  These cars are usually quite low to the ground, whilst offering an upright driving position and the most space for luggage inside.  There is really no comparison with the 7-seat SUV’s which have much higher ground clearance, and therefore less luggage space in the boot.  All of the seats in the people carriers are full seats, suitable for adults.  In most cases the rear seats of the SUV’s are suitable only for children due to a lack of head clearance and leg room.  These seats are also situated in the luggage area, therefore reducing the available space again. Continue reading