One Way Car Rentals to the USA

One Way Car Rentals between Canada and the USA

We are often asked  “Can I hire a car in Canada and drive it to the USA?”  It is possible to book one way car rentals from Canada to the USA or vice versa. Only certain locations permit cross border rentals. Below is a chart showing current permitted routes. When you search one of these routes, only the cars available for the trip will be shown. You may notice that the range of cars is reduced.

One way car rentals crossing borders incur a one-way fee. The fee shows at the time of booking as a separate charge. It will be payable in the currency of the country of collection. You will pay sales tax on the fee at the local rate when you collect. If you collect from an airport, you will also see airport tax on the fee in addition to sales tax. This is out of the hands of the supplier. It is just one of the ways airports raise money by taxing all transactions that take place on site. One way fees always show on the website at the time of booking, either as an actual amount, or as the term “no one-way fee” if no fee is due. One way car rentals within each country may also show a one way fee, for more details please follow the link.

Things to consider on a cross border rental

We highly recommend you take out  top-up insurance for cross border trips. The costs of recovery may be higher if required once you cross, so it is wise to protect yourself from any costs. Please remember that mechanical assistance is already included within your voucher. We are talking here about covering breakdown due to human error. When you collect your car in Canada, there will be an excess that applies to the entire reservation. Even if you are within the USA when you breakdown or have an accident/incident. Of course, the reverse is also true. A hire commencing in the USA will not have an excess even if an incident occurred whilst in Canada. Top-up insurance refunds the excess to you in the event of a claim along with any associated charges from the supplier.