US Car Hire 7 Seat People Carrier

In this article we examine the Minivan 7 Seat People carrier as a hire car, so that you can see if this car will suit you and your party best for your holiday in the USA.  The people carriers are extremely popular in holiday destinations, most particularly Orlando – where sometimes every car that you can see at a traffic light is a people carrier of one description or another! This is of course, due to their versatility and capacious luggage space.

Unlike a 7 seat SUV which may, or more likely may not, have decent rear seats, the minivan has proper seats with leg room in the rear – very important when carrying a mixed family group.

The main cars of choice within this category are: Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan.  There are a few others amongst the various US car hire fleets, but these are the most common.  The Town and Country frequently comes with an in-built DVD player – great for families with young children to entertain on longer journeys.

On our most recent trip we had a Chrysler Town and Country – with pretty much automatic everything.  The rear sliding doors and the back door all opened on a button either from the key fob or from inside so you can let people in or out, or get your shopping in the boot without any strain whatsoever!!

As you can see from the photos, the luggage area is recessed, so you can really pile the suitcases (or shopping!) in. The driving position in these cars is also very comfortable, nice and upright with very good all around vision.  If you have any questions, or would like to have a chat about choosing the right car, please leave a comment below, or contact us in the office.

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