Road Trips With Motorhomes – the Best Way to See a Country

Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) offer a unique way to see a country. Free from hotel reservations, staying in the heart of the great outdoors you immerse yourself in your road trip. National Parks provide a wonderful back-drop for your most memorable and Instagrammable moments. We have teamed up with the experts at Auto Europe to be able to provide bespoke quotes for motorhome hire in Europe, Iceland, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Because of their buying power, they get great rates, usually better than going direct to the supplier!

When to Hire your Motorhome

For the best prices, it pays to book early. We strongly recommend you plan well in advance. Motorhomes in some destinations are out of stock 3 – 6 months in advance. You may also find “Early Bird” discounts several months before pick-up. This way, you can secure your preferred motorhome.  Consideration is given to last minute requests.  But, availability could be very limited and prices will generally be much higher. Please don’t forget that high and low seasons differ depending on the destination, for example, winter time in Europe is high season in Australia and Africa!

How to Hire a Motorhomes

You can book a motorhome by letting us know your location, date and size of vehicle(s) that you prefer. We will check prices and availability with the suppliers and provide you with quotes. Auto Europe will contact you within 24 hours if you wish to proceed with your booking.  Reservations within 70 days of collection require full payment.  Otherwise, paying 30% of the total amount will secure your booking. The remaining amount is due 71 days prior to pick-up. The minimum rental period usually varies between 7 to 14 days. Bookings for less than 4 days are not considered. Please email us at with your requirements or use our simple quote form.

If the licence is not in English, an International driver’s licence or a certified translation might be required. For most motorhomes a normal car driving licence (B) is sufficient. But in some cases, you will need C licence, the same as for a light truck over 3500KG and less than 7500KG.

What is in my Motorhome?

With a few exceptions vehicles normally have a toilet, shower, kitchen, fridge, heater, cables and plugs, water tanks and rechargeable batteries. To that, we add packs such as the following:

  • Mileage
  • Kitchen equipment kit
  • Personal equipment kit (towels, sheets etc)
  • Camping table/chairs
  • GPS
  • Hotel transfers
  • Winter tyres

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