Free Additional Driver

We have an additional driver on our fully inclusive package with Dollar and Thrifty rentals for all US states and locations.

Rentals commencing in California

Up to 4 additional drivers are included with all of our fully inclusive packages in California, no matter which supplier you choose. The drivers are then included for the duration of the hire including outside California. The fully inclusive package (USA) also provides:

  • Collision damage waiver;
  • Third party insurance up to $1 million,
  • Protection from under-insured motorists up to $1 million,
  • Along with all of the local taxes and fees.
  • Unlimited mileage included with all of our rentals.

Free Additional Driver

Free Additional Driver in Las Vegas

In the states of Nevada, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon and Wisconsin, the driver’s spouse may also drive for free with Alamo.

Please call or email us to clarify your entitlements.

If you need to add an additional driver locally, the following daily rates will apply, plus local taxes:

  • Alamo/National     $12 per day ($12.22 per day in Nevada, $3 per day in New York)
  • Dollar/Thrifty     $13.50 per day ($12.22 per day in Nevada, $3 per day in New York)
  • Hertz                $13.50 per day ($12.22 per day in Nevada, $3 per day in New York)

All drivers wishing to be on the rental must be present at collection.

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