One Way Fees For USA Car Hire

One way fees may apply to your car hire in the USA if you collect from one location and return to another.  The charge for this facility varies by distance and by supplier. One way fees will be paid locally on arrival, and will therefore be liable to sales tax.  Sales tax can comprise local, state and airport taxes. As a result, this can add as much as 20 – 30 percent on to the basic fees (depending on your collection location). The fee is charged locally so that the money goes directly to the depot whose fleet is being displaced.  All one way fees are displayed on the website for your review before you place a reservation.

Common USA Trips With No One Way Fees*

One way hire between Southern California and Nevada is usually free of charge.  One way hire within Florida is usually free of charge, but since the pandemic we are seeing some charges from some suppliers. These will be displayed in the results.

In Summary:

  • Within Southern California – Generally free of charge – some large cars attract a fee
  • Within Florida – Mostly free, rates will be shown if applicable
  • Southern California to Nevada (or reverse) – Generally free of charge – some large cars attract a fee

San Francisco One Way Fees

San Francisco is a popular place to start a road trip. This makes it hard for the car hire companies to retain their fleet. One-way fees are now charged on most rentals leaving San Francisco. The fee does not apply to rentals entering San Francisco from Southern California or Las Vegas.  The one-way fee is displayed on the website before you book your car.

Popular Road Trips With No One-way Fee – Dollar and Thrifty Rentals only

Collect from any US airport and return the car to Chicago – great for Historic Route 66 trips.

Pick up in Seattle and drop off in San Francisco, where you go in between is up to you!

Collect a car in Salt Lake City and return the car to either San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas – all three destinations have no one-way fee.

One-way hires between JFK, LaGuardia and Newark will not have a one-way fee.

Road sign illustrating one way fees