Booking and Prepaid Rental Vouchers

To book your vehicle, enter your required collection and drop off dates, locations and times carefully into the search box. If you are aged under 25 we do need to have your age group.  If you fail to get any cars showing as available you may need to change the hours of your search. Downtown locations usually have reduced hours. Airport locations on the whole have longer hours so if you do not get any results double check the info you entered.

Insurance Packages

Once you have selected your vehicle, you will need to choose which package best suits your needs, we have 2 Insurance packages, the more expensive Premium package is different because it offers extra drivers and the first tank of fuel, the insurances included are exactly the same as the standard package.

Booking your car/Entering your details

Book the car in the name of the lead driver. The flight number (if applicable) is very important in case of delays to your flight.  If the suppliers know which flight you are on and it is delayed arrangements can be to ensure car collection. Enter your personal details carefully. Please also be careful how you enter your email address because you will receive all of your paperwork via email. If at any point you are having problems do call or email us.

Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirming all the details of the reservation you have made, if this does not arrive immediately please check your spam or junk folder.

Receiving your voucher

Once you have reserved and paid for your car you will receive a pre-paid rental voucher by email.  This will usually be sent within 48 hours (not including weekends and bank holiday periods) as soon as the reservation has been confirmed by the supplier.  We use live information from the suppliers, so with a couple of exceptions of the very largest vehicles, all the cars you see on the results pages are available. We then just like to check your booking and create your voucher – this should then be with you within 24 hours Monday to Friday.  Larger request vehicles such as 12 / 15 seater’s and large SUV’s this can take a little longer, so please allow 3 to 4 days.

Check your voucher carefully

Once you have received your voucher, please check it carefully to make sure all the details are correct and as requested, and then print off to take with you.

Arriving at the desk/Exchanging your voucher

On arrival, take your voucher, your credit card and your full driving licence to the collection point to exchange your voucher for your vehicle. If you have any problems at the desk please call the number for emergencies that is displayed on the voucher.

Upgrades at the desk

Please remember that the desk staff will try and up-sell ! You have pre-paid for the car you wanted at the time of booking and should you sign for an upgrade to the car or another not needed insurance package we will not be able to recover your costs. However if you are mis-sold and you do not sign for any extra charges made we will be able to get a refund (with the exception of toll charges, speeding and red light offences)

Remember this adage, if you are too tired to read and understand your paperwork at the desk, you are too tired to drive!