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Many renters worry about which car they may actually be issued by US car rental companies.  They have spotted the type of car they particularly want to hire during research, the Ford Mustang is always popular, and will often ring around trying to see if any company can offer a guarantee as to which model they will get.  Unfortunately, the unwelcome answer to this often-asked question, is no!

Cars booked through agents and even direct with the suppliers (unless you are prepared to pay extra for particular ‘reserve your model’ services offered by Hertz for example) are always offered as categories, not models. The category such as ‘Full size’ will be illustrated by an example vehicle from the fleet: a Chevrolet Impala often illustrates the Full size category.  This is done so the driver can have an indication of the general size of the category.  But, there are many other cars in this full size category – Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Nissan Altima, Dodge Charger and Toyota Camry – to name just a few.  So which one will you get?

A Choice is offered by both Alamo and Dollar in many locations (Alamo Choice and Dollar Choice) such as: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Ft Myers, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Ontario, Orlando, San Jose, Washington DC and West Palm Beach.  For the full list please see the link below.

It works like this, you complete your paperwork at the desk as usual and are then directed to a bay in the car park where all the various cars in your category are lined up with the keys already in for you to just drive away.

This ‘choice’ product is completely free and very popular as many renters have their own preferences of make or model and this way, you can choose your own! If you don’t like white cars you can avoid them – and this also gives you the ability to pick out the high end models, the largest boot space, the one with the on board DVD player (those were the days!).  If you need head room, or a particular seat adjustment then this is the best chance of fulfilling your requirements.

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