Economy Car Hire

Economy Car Hire in the USA.

The Economy car is the smallest category of the fleet for car hire in the USA.  Often, for European car hire there is a smaller category still, called the Mini category, but for the US and Canada, Economy is as small as they go.

There is a view held by some renters that the suppliers do not, in fact, have many economy cars, and that if you book one, you are likely to actually receive a larger car. This approach is only worth trying if there is only a couple of you anyway, and you will not mind if you actually receive an economy car!  If you really are depending on receiving a Compact or something larger, then you must book that category, because otherwise, the desk clerks will be rubbing their hands together in glee at the prospect of the commission on your locally paid upgrade.  Seasoned travellers will be well aware that the cost for an upgrade appears to be completely dependent on your need for it.  The more you need it, the more it will cost!

Economy car example

The Chevrolet Aveo – Economy category

With regard to capacity, if we look at some of the vehicles that are classed within the Economy category, it will probably illustrate quite well the sort of room you can expect.

  • Chevrolet Aveo
  • Honda Fit
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Kia Rio
  • Toyota Yaris

Although very few cars are actually manufactured with just 4 seats, and the economy cars do have 5 seats, we would not recommend this category for you if there are 5 in your party or even four. There is just not enough room to be comfortable and you really don’t want to spoil your vacation. There is also very limited luggage room, perhaps just space for one suitcase and a small bag or two.  These cars are better suited to just two people, or perhaps three at a push – but you will always have to give proper consideration to the luggage.

Because the economy category is so popular for single travellers on vacation or business, there is often a restriction on this category being rented for a one-way trip.  This is not a problem within Florida or within California, but should be taken into consideration for most other states.  If you are thinking of an economy car for your one-way car hire in the US, please do give us a call first so we can check the restrictions for you.

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