Toyota Sienna 8 Seat People Carrier for Car Hire

People Carrier with 8 Seats

The 8 Seat people carrier offered by Alamo is the only remaining people carrier for this number of people. Alamo has the Toyota Sienna exclusively (certainly at Orlando), and on our trip to the Alamo garage at Orlando this year, we took a few photos of the interior of this lovely car.  We have had one ourselves previously and we found it both cavernous and a joy to drive, but then there are only 4 in our party!  It is a great vehicle for swallowing up suitcases, shopping or even pieces of furniture for visiting home-owners undertaking a little refurbishment.

As with all people carriers, the seats are designed to be split or stowed for smaller groups and larger luggage room, or you can have all seats up and have 8 reasonably sized seats.  I am of the opinion that 8 adults might feel rather tight, but if you have children in your group who can be steered towards the  middle seats, then a degree of elbow room can be maintained!  But if you are planning a road trip with 8 adults – I would strongly advise having two cars as a preferable option.

You will see from the rear luggage room photos that the floor area is recessed, increasing the available area for luggage, but as cavernous as these are, if you have 8 suitcases and 8 pieces of hand luggage you are going to struggle.

You can enlarge any photo by selecting it above.  You can also compare this 8 Seat People Carrier with the 7 Seat version here.  If you would like some advice about your luggage requirements and the best category of car for you, please get in touch with the office.