Should I hire an Intermediate SUV?

The Intermediate Sports Utility Vehicle, known as the Intermediate SUV is a reasonably recent addition to car hire fleets (within the last 7 years) and has fast become really popular.  The category name may seem a little confusing because this SUV is in fact the smallest SUV category available for hire – but the Intermediate refers to its approximate capacity rather than where it sits in a ranking scale.  The room within an Intermediate SUV is about comparable to the room available within an Intermediate category car.  There is also a Standard SUV, the original Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good example of this group, and a Premium/luxury SUV which will seat either 7 or 8 depending on the model.

Some of the models available within the Intermediate SUV category include: Ford Escape; Hyundai Sante Fe; Jeep Compass; Jeep Liberty; Jeep Patriot; Kia Sportage and Toyota Rav 4, amongst others.  In Hawaii and some California locations (definitely not Florida) a beach style Wrangler Jeep may also be on offer…

Generally, for a couple or a family group of 4, with a couple of suitcases, this size of vehicle is fine.  But if you have a lot of baby accessories to carry with you as well, this is probably not big enough. If there are 5 of you it may be better to consider the larger, Standard SUV.  Equally, if there are 7 of you travelling I would not recommend the 7 Seat SUV – you will have more room in a 7 seat people carrier: People Carrier/SUV comparison

The pictures below give a brief glimpse into the boot of the Ford Escape so you can see the sort of luggage room you may have, but do remember that no make or model is ever guaranteed when hiring a car – you are only booking a category.

Luggage Room Ford Escape

The back of the Intermediate Sports Utility – Ford Escape

Luggage room in Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is approx 33 inches from the back of the rear seats to the end of the car at the base and you have possibly around 25 inches at the top level of the seats

The upright seating/driving position in this type of vehicle is one of the reasons behind its popularity, along with a  competitive price point.  Both Alamo and Dollar offer a choice of vehicles at most larger locations enabling the customer to choose which particular car they want from those lined up.  This can be a good way to try out different makes and models and even driving positions.

Dash of Ford Escape from rear of car

The view through to the dash of the Ford Escape

Please use the large yellow box to the right to get a quote for the Intermediate SUV, and if you would like to check if this SUV will be big enough for you please do give me a call.

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