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Disney Car Hire

Hiring a car from Disney, Florida, can open up access to the rest of the beautiful state of Florida allowing you to really get a better, more balanced view of Florida. Disney World is a wonderful place, beautifully landscaped and every need is catered for  – at a cost. But, if you would like to escape for a while to visit natural Florida, or some different restaurants, or even the normally priced shops, then you will need to hire a car.  Alternatively, you may have chosen to have a few days in Disney World and then want to collect a hire car to continue your holiday at one of the stunning Gulf or Atlantic beaches, visit the Keys or head to a luxury villa. Continue reading

Should I hire an Intermediate SUV?

The Intermediate Sports Utility Vehicle, known as the Intermediate SUV is a reasonably recent addition to car hire fleets (within the last 7 years) and has fast become really popular.  The category name may seem a little confusing because this SUV is in fact the smallest SUV category available for hire – but the Intermediate refers to its approximate capacity rather than where it sits in a ranking scale.  The room within an Intermediate SUV is about comparable to the room available within an Intermediate category car.  There is also a Standard SUV, the original Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good example of this group, and a Premium/luxury SUV which will seat either 7 or 8 depending on the model. Continue reading

Minivan 7 Seater versus 7 Seat SUV’s

Comparison of People Carrier versus 7 seat SUV.

The minivan 7-seater, or people carrier, is one of our most versatile vehicles for car hire in the USA.  These cars are usually quite low to the ground, whilst offering an upright driving position and the most space for luggage inside.  There is really no comparison with the 7-seat SUV’s which have much higher ground clearance, and therefore less luggage space in the boot.  All of the seats in the people carriers are full seats, suitable for adults.  In most cases the rear seats of the SUV’s are suitable only for children due to a lack of head clearance and leg room.  These seats are also situated in the luggage area, therefore reducing the available space again. Continue reading